[M.M.19] Savouring these sweet seconds.

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Ok, so this week I just have to gush a bit more about this guy.
Our chunk of Hudson is now entering his 16th month... and lately he seems so long (which we say since he's still a crawler, maybe if he walked we would say he seems so tall!).  Now when I go to nurse him it feels like I need to drape him across my lap.. and the couch!
So, that's weird.

It's just been hitting me lately, he's not my little bundle of baby pudge anymore.
I'm missing that stage already.
I'm also freaking Ben out with murmurings of: "how about just one more baby....?!"
Although we both still feel exhausted from this guy's terrible sleep habits.
(Side-note: when your baby cries during the night.. you always want to have the adoption agency on speed dial.  But when you see that sweet cherub fall asleep in your arms you suddenly want to hold them forever!  Parenting, it's bi-polar).

I keep reminiscing about how adorable they were as babies.
I keep wondering what characters they are going to grow in to.
I keep trying to savour the moment I'm in right now with them...  
Looking back, looking ahead, looking here.
Do you find yourself caught in this constant state of flux as well?

As for right now, I love how he beams a big toothy grin at me every time I see him.
How he squeals when his Dad or sister *chase* him.
How he goes wide eyed and "OOOoooooohs" at every truck driving past.
How he can undo the bolt under our dining table (despite how tightly we screw it back on).
 These little moments, I don't want to forget.
What do you want to remember right now with your kids?

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mama Mel ;o)


  1. Nicola Rothmann3 June 2013 at 05:36

    So much cuteness!

  2. Adorable!

    I want to remember the weight of his head on my shoulder when he comes into bed with me. I want to remember the Hiiiiii when I get him out of his crib in the morning (on the rare morning that he stays in his crib all night). I want to remember the way he sucks his two middle fingers and strokes Bears ear with his index fingers.

    But I can't wait for one more!

  3. i want to remember EVERYTHING ALL of the time. i think that's why i take so many pics.... but right now, i want to remember that Lily totally learned how to swim while we were in key west because she spent the whole time in that pool. happy monday!!

  4. aww.. yeah, that's so fun! I guess the key to getting these kiddos *really* swimming is to get over my hate/aversion/loathing of squeezing into spandex!! lol

  5. Sweet, those are good things to remember... and you're going for another soon...?? ;o) xx

  6. thanks for linking up sweet soul. ;o) xx


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