D.I.Y: embroidery hoop wall art.

Pretty simple right?
Just take a group of various sized embroidery hoops and stretch a colourful collection of fabrics over them all.
(As you can see.. I still have to glue the raw edges around the backs of the hoops.. oops!)
Then lay the hoops on the floor first to get a pleasing arrangement... or just keep filling the wall with nail holes, whatever your style is!

A fun punch of colour and pattern to any space.
Here's a couple other inspirations too... this and this

For those of you wondering, we just created this play nook for the kids in the corner of our Living Room.  Yes, where the massive T.V stand used to be... what a great purge.
No more T.V, stereo, clutter, junk, stuff, etc!

Upon seeing this blank wall space I said to the hubs:
"I should fill that with fabric hoops"
To which he replied:
"Of course you should, heaven forbid there's an empty space for more than five minutes around here"!
 Oh, the dry wit... but really, he's a very patient 'minimalist' in light of my decor style.

Hoop you have fun creating your own colourful corner!

Mel ;o)


  1. super cute. i too have a hard time with just empty spaces and must fill them up pronto. xo

  2. Very nice- I love this- I was thinking of doing something on a smaller scale in the 'girls' room'. I love the red fabric. Yeah, I get a lot of raised eyebrows whenever I mention decorating or project ideas. No trust!! Right now all our walls are grey so I'm having a hard time decorating. I want everything white and bright, but no one thinks I should be painting right now, what with being pregnant and all. Sigh. I guess that will have to wait until next year some time. So for now, all our walls are empty!!

  3. Gillian Veitch18 June 2013 at 08:56

    Awesome, i love hoops! I just had to take mine down to pack them, and it made me sad!!! Yours turned out great, and it's nice to get rid of clutters for sure!

  4. Aww.. yeah!! That's music to my ears, I love hearing that others get inspired to pretty up their nest with creativity... I'm sure yours will look beauties against all that WHITE!! lol.. send me a pic ;o) xx

  5. Ooh and packing is also such a great motivator to purge isn't it?? I think if/when we move.. I'll just burn the house down and start fresh somewhere new, to avoid packing up all this creative clutter!! lol ;o)

  6. Empty walls.... catastrophe!! How do you bear it?! lol... now you know, I happen to work for Benjamin Moore.. and they DO have no VOC's paints now for just the type of preggo mamas/nursery issues you may have! Odourless... no icky chemicals.. just saying! EcoSpec is an affordable one in any colours you want!
    (commercial now over) lol
    Good luck with all your empty palette adventures ahead friend! xx

  7. ... that's right, you and me share that crazy.artsy.decorate-everything brain! lol xx


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