more summer sewing:

Hello again lovelies!
Recently I've been working on a few more little sewing projects, and thought I would show you the random assortment today.
The last post I showed you had some fun summer skirts... and I'm still at it:
Navy + white striped jersey cotton.
Extra material run through the waistline as the belt ties.
Of course it's hard to see the shape of the skirt when you pose if front of a growing garden... duh.
 So yeah, here you can see better.. I did that beloved 'mullet' skirt style that I love seeing every where right now (short at the front, party at the back, right?).  Fun!
(Not so fun.. Mr.Hudson going for the power sockets and answering machine buttons behind me.. again).

 I whipped this cute 'flapper' hat up for our daughter since they seem to have already lost the previous ones I made for them last summer.
I followed a pattern, but extended the brim.. (doubled it really) so she'd have a lot of sun protection, and look like a cute pirate with the flap way up there. 

 My sis-in-law has her birthday the week before mine.. so I sewed her a fun crafting bag/purse.
It's made with upholstery canvas.  And while I tried to follow a pattern, I am convinced the instructions were wrong... and after trying to re-read them frontwards and back.. I just decided to 'wing' it and use my own favourite bag as inspiration!

 Leopard sparkle print infinity scarf.
Saw this material and totally thought of my blogger bud... since it's jersey cotton I opted to make a quick scarf.  Um, for the record I attempted a new approach... sewing up the opposite ends before the length, and ended up with this mutation:

 A super long tube sock instead of an infinity scarf?!!
It's all good.. I can still wear it... and hide when I need to as well.. raaawwwwwr.
Sew there you have it.
Any creations you've been working on out there?

Happy tuesday, I'm off to work at my paint store!

Mel ;o)


  1. Ah the bag it's adorable!! :D
    Sofia G

  2. I love that hat on Azriel- my kids lose their hats all the time too. Sigh.

  3. aww.. that's no fun (I don't love being in the sun too long either tho!)... may need to make you a custom lid! ;o)


  4. Crazy eh? It's not like we wouldn't notice if the hat disappeared while we're out with them.. and yet.. somehow they always do vanish, like socks in the dryer! ;o)

  5. THanks Sofia! It was fun.. once I gave up trying the directions! lol ;)

  6. Love them all! You've been busy. Nice work!

  7. I love everything youve made! I really want a "mullet" dress.

  8. thanks bunches.. just a few lil' projects tucked in here and there ;o) xx


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