Ok guys, here's the post I was referring to yesterday.   I'm super excited to bring you this new Pair//Spective *series* with my friend/photographer Kiki!

A couple weeks ago we went on a photo-shoot adventure to an abandoned barn.
The drive took longer than I envisioned.. and though the country road seemed to stretch on for an eternity.. we finally came upon the dilapidated barn, in that perfect 'golden hour' of evening.

We quickly started snapping shots,
Kiki was weighed down with a multitude of various manual/polaroid cameras..
I just had my digital Canon PowerShot (and of course my battery died while we're there.. gah!).

We still managed some happy results, and decided this could be the perfect start to a 'diptych' styled collaboration we had been discussing in the past.

Here's the fusion of our two perspectives:
Distant view of the barn.
My Canon digital on the left  ~ Kiki's polaroid 104 land camera on the right.
 I love how illuminated my shot is in contrast to the striking silhouette that Kiki captured.
Long grasses. My digital on left ~ Kiki's Pentax SP1000 on right.

I think I only caught one blade of grass in focus, but I love the soft diffused light in Kiki's shot.
Close up of barn. My shot on the left (bones on the window sill) ~ Kiki's shot on the right.
There was a large (cow?) bone on the sill, and a remnant of a jaw bone.. after cautiously approaching it like a scaredy-cat (fearing some squatter would jump out at me) I summoned my inner Indiana Jones and snatched them as souvenirs.
Poor Kiki still has them in her car, as I keep forgetting to get them.
Captured portraits.  My shot of Kiki on left ~ her shot of me on the right.
It's fun that neither of us knew the other was taking a picture here, we're so sneaky.
Let's all agree that Kiki's commitment to 'old school' manual cameras and 'real' film show a depth of crispness and creamy light that digital cameras fail at conveying.
I really am glad she's got that perspective to share here.
You can also hop over to her blog today to see her side of the story...(oh, and the pictures are beautifully BIGGER there too)!

So there you have it, the first edition of our new pair//spective posts.
Hope you enjoyed it!

Mel ;o)


  1. Lena B, Actually6 June 2013 at 08:07

    This is sooooo cool! Love your collaboration and your shots are amazing!!

  2. how awesome!!! love it! and i don't know how i missed the previous post. she seems lovely. how wonderful that you found each other through the net.

  3. Oh this is a fun post and one after my own heart... photography and how different people see through the lens. Glad you found your inner Indiana and no zombies popped out of the window! lol.

  4. very cool..and how awesome to meet someone new from online..that will never happen here- no one in their right mind would willingly move to my neck of the woods hahah


  5. I'm "kercited". I've been following a married couple in West Virginia who posted a totally random diptych every day for a year, and now have been working on being given a word and taking a picture they think is appropriate - love it, anyway look for yourself:
    so now I have 2 to look at!
    Scattered ad

  6. Haha.. oh Deb I thought you were a 'spam' comment at first.. figures it was YOU being all full of scattered cuteness, yes - the idea of interpreting a WORD is another theme for our future projects.. I'll check your couple out too! Kercited.. you've stumped me, again. ;o) xx


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