A.musing.mama! 1.9

Seriously, this girl could have the Ebola virus and she would still want to visit somebody, anybody.

In fact, every.single.morning (and after every nap) she'll stumble out of bed and before the fog of sleep has even fully lifted she'll blurt: "Who are we going to visit today?".
It's a bit ridiculous, monotonous hilarious.

Now, I always have to be guarded in my response to her, too.
IF I know we're seeing her top choice (Grandparents)... I can't tell her too early, for fear of having the incessant "are they here yet?!!" peppering my ear canals for hours.

But if I haven't planned an outing, play date or visit for the day.. that also causes a torturous whine of desperation from this girl, saying "but Mom, we NEEEEED to visit somebody!!".

She refuses to let me be introverted for even a day.  Ha.

In light of today's comic, I'm also curious - which camp do you parent from:
1) If the kids are sick do you keep them locked away for everyone elses' benefit?
2) Or do you share the 'love' with any/all who are around to help build their immune systems?

I fall more on the 'quarantine' side of things, myself.

But here's hoping laughter is still the best medicine!

Happy (long) weekend friends!

Mel ;o)

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  1. So cute! Azi's hilarious. She's so social. So is Winnie.
    I keep the kids home when they're sick. I think it's important for them to learn how to take care of themselves and take it easy when they're not feeling well.
    My kids let me stay home a lot. They only start questioning me about where we're going and who we're going to see if we haven't been out to visit for several days. Now that it is the summer holidays, I'm having to plan outings a lot more. I think it may be for my sake as much as it is for theirs. Sometimes having them at home means the house gets destroyed and I start to get, well, crazy! At these times, I can't get us to the library or the water park fast enough!


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