here + there.

pajamas + puddles.
screens + squeals.
woods + walks.
forget-me-nots + forgotten places.
amazing archways.
lovely lilacs.
...just me.
Another week... another peek outside our nest.
As mentioned last week, we were house-sitting for our annual 'stay.cation' at the in-laws.

It's always a lovely retreat for our family.
Nestled in their home where silence is bliss.. and nature fills their backyard.
We even get to have an extra room for all the kids ~ wonder of wonders!

That last 'portrait' was to compare to this shot from almost a year ago (ugh, that bleach head).

I know this post is usually on a wednesday.. but we're switching things up a bit this week!
 I'm at work all day today, so hopefully I'll remember it's only tuesday...
hope you're having a great day there, friends!

Do you have a yearly 'getaway' location.. or, stay-cation with your crew?

Mel ;o)


  1. ooooooooo what a beautiful place to staycate at. we usually go to west virginia to visit Will's parents. we will be heading out that way on the 14th of this month. i am still trying to get my head out of a key west cloud...
    have a great day at work. hope it's not too long. xo

  2. Such a lovely place... that weeping willow (I think that is what it is) is magical.

  3. Love the photo with the title "Forget-me-not+Forgotten places" : ) ADorable!
    Sofia G

  4. It is SUCH a beautiful area.. a carpet of forget-me-not flowers!! ;o)

  5. It is! That willow is actually twice as tall as the picture shows.. poor thing has been ravaged by many a storm.. but still towers over their huge backyard, love it!

    P.S.. your lovely package is sitting here patiently awaiting this *hectic* schedule of mine to get a chance to mail.. coming soooooooon! ;o) xx

  6. Oh wow, lots of travels for you guys this summer!! Fun fun! Work day went good, thanks! ;o)


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