[M.M.22] double blessing.

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Our computer has been running slower than molasses lately,
my husband thinks it may have something to do with the 8 gazillion photos/videos I have crammed in here...  hmmm..  maybe so smarty-pants.

So in an effort to sort/shuffle/ween the pile I went perusing down memory lane.
Instead of a cleaner computer 'picture file'... I made a collage

It's always so bittersweet looking back.
Seeing these two and how they are growing.
I really hope they savour the unique bond they have as they grow up.

Sure they'll wrestle, tease and taunt.
But they'll also comfort, support and embrace each other.

This week I had my first glimpse of that sweet moment... when the older sister was having a dramatic *meltdown* about her toy being stolen by little brother, he pushed the toy aside, crawled over to her and stroked (then whacked) her hair and clapped to make her stop crying.
She snuffled, looked up at him, heaved a sigh, and then dragged him in for a big hug (choker hold style).
Sure, it's like watching a miniature Of Mice and Men: where even in their attempts to show affection, they abuse each other... but it's still adorable.

Maybe that's why I'm always so eager to capture a picture of these two... a double exposure of blessing to look back on.
A full computer of memory overload.
A full heart of memories too!

Maybe I should get my act together and create another one of those online scrapbooks!

How do you organize your memories?!

mama Mel ;o)

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