here + there.

Well hey there friends,
this isn't much of a 'here + there' slideshow.. since there wasn't much energy to spare around here this week.
This is one of those weeks, you know... the ones you wish were over already.

The ones that remind you to not take your health for granted.
Our whole nest here has now been hit hard with that pesky head cold bug.
(Right on the heels of me saying "wow, the kids have been healthy for months!" yeah.)

So we all look - and feel - pretty crummy.
It's quite draining to feel so exhausted, and then have little ones hanging off you all day too.
(Especially when the sickly boy wants to forget weening and just nurse 24/7!).
But I'll stop whining...

Our gal Azriel still keeps us laughing around here despite our blues.
(As some friends have already seen of Facebook)
Recently she's said:

"baby Hudson belongs to Daddy, and I belong to you Mommy.. because we match".

"Mommy, ask me: do you love me"
Me: "Ok, do you love me?"
Azriel: "NO. I love Grandma and Grandpa"


Seeing daughter playing with her toy cat:

Me: "Is kitty sleeping?"
Azriel: "No, kitty is dead."
Me: "Ohhhh, poor kitty did you not look before you crossed the street?"
Azi: "Mom, she can't talk. Her mouth is dead too."


And tonight after she was already put to bed:
"I need a drink. a snuggle. a song"
Me: "What song..?"
Azi: "Blueberry pie."

(Yeah, that's not a song).

Anyways.. the laundry is clattering with the loose change I always seem to miss, and the boy has finally stopped wailing his protest for being put down.
I'm sipping down an orange juice/ginger ale elixir..  and trying to comprehend the mystery of how one's nose can be so stuffed - yet running constantly.  Sorry, gross but true.
So I bid you all goodnight.

Yes, bedtime has been around 8pm here... I call it the mom version of 'sleeping in'!

Hoping for a healthier weekend ahead,
how's the week treating you, sweet souls?

Mel ;o)


  1. I hope you guys feel better soon! I've been sick too, but thankfully the kids have been spared, so far... That orange juice and ginger ale sounds good! Wish I had some. I might have to make some iced tea instead. Have a good night!

  2. Aw sorry to hear you're under it too.. pregnancy tends to make one catch every bug doesn't it? I remember that at least, hope the kids get spared, for your sake too! xx

  3. thanks sweets, me too... ! ;o)


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