finding friends...

So here's a fun story:
Almost a year and a half ago... some of you sweet readers found me through elycia's blog.
(A bunch of us bloggers had met up for a delightful *art/tea party*).

One person who left me a comment said she was living in England.. but would soon be moving allll the way over here to Canada... to Ontario.. to a little country town near my home city!
What a small world, indeed.
This is the hilarity of the Internet.
Meeting lovely souls across the world... and then connecting in person!

I told her we should meet, I could welcome her to this new land with a muffins basket (ok, banana choc.chip bread) and we should attend a craft show together.
So, we did.
Then coffee dates followed.
Baking adventures.
Photography outings.
We actually 'clicked' (that pun is for you, pal).

(Annnnd.. LAN parties... ok, no, not really).
This is actually a shot of our very recent 'creative collaboration' called pair//spective, a new series starting tomorrow on our blogs!  Theme: one subject matter (photo shoot/sketching/creative expression etc) and two interpretations/perspectives on it.

 And if you think our top buns look cute here.. check out this gorgeous banner she made for our series:

So now you know a bit of the fun background on Kiki and I.
An international internet connection... transforming into a real life friendship in this wee city.
She's a swell gal, and talented photographer, who I enjoy getting to know better with each new adventure!  Hop on over and give her some love.

Annnnd, stay tuned for tomorrow friends, it's going to have you seeing double the fun.

*Have you made 'real life' connections with online friends?*

Mel ;o)


  1. Hmm unfortanelly not yet. But I hope one day. :) Waiting for tomorrow!
    Sofia G

  2. Pair-spective! Get it? Because it's a perspective from a 'pair' of people. . .it never get's old!

  3. What a great little story! I'm really looking forward to your collaboration.
    I too have made blogger friends across the world, it's really fun! Meeting you (again) and Lucky through blogging was so great and I love spending time with Elycia. I've made a couple of friends in the UK and Australia but I've never met them in real life. One of my pals in the UK and I just exchanged care packages and are going to Skype for the first time next week and open our packages together.
    Making new friends that you 'click' with is such a wonderful thing!

  4. 'clicking' friends are a treat for sure.. and you know what else is wonderful? OUR story of re-connecting/finding each other in this bloggy-blog world, that still cracks me up! ;o)
    Sounds like a fun skype idea too.. I've met some real lovelies across the pond there too! xx

  5. Womp womp... oh dear husband, you may mock me... but deep down I know you're just sooo jealous of how terribly witty/punny I am with the English language (remember who owns you at Scrabble?)! ;o) xxxXXXXXxxxxxXXxxx. .... xx...o..oooo.xx.

  6. I'm sure you will - you're a sweetheart that loves to connect to bloggers out there/here! ;o)

  7. Awwwesome! Loved this one today. Such a beautiful story. The ocean is just a pond now...love how the web has made the world that much smaller ..Looking forward to tomorro too xoxox


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