A.musing.mama! 1.6

The magnitude of chaos that occurs in the nano-second that you're on the phone for...
...is a fact proven daily, here.

It's a wonder that I ever *risk* answering the phone at all.

a musing mama,
Mel ;o)
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  1. This is exactly what happens in my place too. Yesterday I was on Skype for 15 min. and they trashed the playroom. It's like they're always on alert for when we're distracted so they can make mischief!!

  2. loveeeeee your doodles!!!!

    When Philly was a baby, he ate his own poop one time while I had my back turned.
    I thought he was going to die. But, I guess it doesn't kill you:).

    Good luck on the phone;)...

  3. Very cute! And oh so true! As soon as I get on the phone, the kids start to whine, they need me for all sorts of reasons that a moment ago had not occurred to them! So funny!

  4. I know right??! It's just craziness I tell you... tempts me to get a headset that I could just walk around with to prevent such chaos! lol xx

  5. OOooooh NOOO?!! That would have made me barfed, gross. I'm sure I'll still have those mountains to climb in the future with these ones... God give me strength! lol thanks sweets. xx

  6. Ack! It's true though, you always have to survey what they could damage around them in the five seconds it takes you to get to the phone. I should also illustrate a phone conversation between TWO mamas: "hey, how are you? BILLY DON"T TOUCH THAT!!" "I'm good how are you, SALLY GET OFF THERE!!" we're all deaf after two minutes!! lol xx

  7. I do walk away with the cordless phone. Often, I end up outside on the porch :)


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