a list of happy things:

+ paint palettes.

+ summer skirts.

+ new leather sandals.

+ pretty pink peonies.
+ snuggling children.

+ dinner ready.

+ quiet times reading/praying.

+ friends who 'get' me.

+ family.

+ chocolate cake.

+ colourful fabric.

+ new wedding band!

Just a few of the highlights of my week so far, and how goes yours?

Oh, and yes.. I ordered a new wedding band since I seem to have lost misplaced my chunky big amber one (for the past year)!  I love these stacking, spinner, 'meditation' rings I've seen lately.  Opted to get a frugal version of it from Etsy... and it's a beauty.
Three spinning rings within it (silver and copper).

"A cord of three strands is not quickly broken"
Ecclesiastes 4:12

 You may have guessed I'm not a 'diamond' type gal.
Keep it chunky, keep it weird... much like myself, thank you.

What's making you happy this week?

Mel ;o)


  1. those are all happy things in my book! loving the color palette. i am just soooo ready to get in the car and drive to west virginia!! friday cannot come soon enough. xo

  2. your amber wedding ring was amazing - i've been searching for the perfect amber ring for a long time and never seem to find the right one.. i'll let you know if i ever come across yours ;)

    and those shoes! where did you get them?!


  3. Love the pink tights and your new wedding ring. This week I'm happy we got the house somewhat cleaned- and we weren't even expecting any visitors!!

  4. Happy happy happy... pretty new rings there mama!

    Over here happiness is coming in the form of watching children grow into interesting young people... they are starting to stir new thoughts and ideas in me from their perspectives... truly amazing when our children teach us isn't it? Happiness is in the stash of fat free international delight currently sitting in the refrigerator (addiction as of late)... happiness is the sun actually shining today!!! And happiness is a package that arrived in the mail... little surprises wrapped with beautiful detail in turquoise yarn and birch bark. Each envelope containing a cherished treasure made by hand with love by you dear mama! Thank-you. You spoiled me too much! Mushrooms and nests and buntings oh my. A few snaps below to show you a couple of these gifts in their new home.

    Thank-you so much for making my heart happy!


  5. I am in mad love with that ring. Great pick.

  6. Yikes... all the pictures aren't showing here... keep clicking buttons with no result lol ... will email to you instead. Thanks again.

  7. isn't it great? Love fidgeting with it now.. spin spin spin! lol.

  8. haha.. I was a bit confused, but happy for your happiness!!! Thanks for letting me know it arrived safely to it's sweet nest there ;o) You're such a lovely mama.. and yes, it's great to learn from your kids I'm sure (my parents often told me that they wanted to be like me when they grow up.. lol)! xx

  9. Thanks! Good job... we should come harass you real soon then, yes?! ;o) xx

  10. oh Trisha.. I knooooow.. don't remind me, lol.. it was the best amber ring I could've hoped for, and Ben picked it out on his own! Loved it, not sure how on earth I lost it since I rarely took it off... geeezzzzz. This one is keeping me distracted now tho ;o)

    Oh and the shoes are super comfy... needed them for standing all day at work.. got them at a store called SoftMoc.

  11. Oooh that will be so fun for you guys - just the weekend then? Who's going to watch Cinderella.. and Foxy?! lol ;o)

  12. mmhmm.. because I like you, (and I'm nice) I hunted down the exact pair (granted mine were on SALE!) lol



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