slide.show.sunday.take 27.

The first slide.show of the New Year:
 A snow filled weekend (though it's been raining all day today).
Azriel and I made our first snowman of the season... see it?  Look harder...
 Ok.. 'snowlump' with a carrot nose and cedar umbrella... the snow was too powdery!
 Sleepy Saturdays... pyjamas, tea and 'proof' I can actually read still!
 Organising my wee studio (more on that to come this week).
Cleaning up the living room (taking down all the Christmas decor...) and snuggles with this 'happy camper'.
...and of course - let's all say it together now - "family.dinner.saturdays" up at the in-laws.
Always a precious time for the generations to feast on food and memories together. 

Then, Ben and I watched movies and fell asleep by 11pm... Happy New Years!
Eager to see what this new year brings,
Be well!
Mel ;o)


  1. Great photos!  Love the soft, unfocussed foreground in the one of your reading.

  2. love that last photo.  heart warming:). 

    you're lookin' good mama!  so excited for you!  take care and make sure you get lots of relaxing in:)



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