hearts aglow..

 Cherub cheeks kissed with Christmas lights.
What a beauty-filled time of year this is.  There's so much to adore in this season - and I mean to savour every delicious moment of it.  Including the 'photoshoot' rehearsal to try and capture a sweet shot of Azriel as a gift for the Grandparents!

Despite kissing the lights - she wasn't a big fan of me wrapping her up in them.... and opted to swat.kick.shove them away with her feet.  Lesson learned - don't force a photo-shoot even in the name of Christmas cheer. ;o)

But we still managed to grab a few quick shots of cuteness.  I chopped her hair off recently so now she has that 'choir boy. munchin' look going on... 

Azriel's small style:
T-shirt: thrifted (GenevieveLapierre)
Turtle-neck: thrifted (Children's Place)
Fleece pants: thrifted (George)
 You'll find more cute little threads and faces linked up at Mama Loves Papa

**Stay tuned for the next post - a delightful tea party with a whole crew of beautiful bloggers - we took a bazillion photos of colourful goodness... just sorting through them all!
**P.S. I'll also post that fabric banner Advent calendar I sewed (look for it on Friday's post)!

See you soon friends!
Mel :o)


  1. what a gorgeous little girl you have! bring her to twinkle?

  2. aw thanks Carly - she's even cuter in person (sometimes!)... yah I think we'll squeak into Twinkle before her bedtime ... so right at 6ish if we're lucky - hope to see you there amongst the crowd! :o)

  3. oh that first picture. it's beautiful. soft glow. curious eyes. lovely. can't wait to see the advent calendar ;)

  4. i love that first shot. she looks like a little doll!

  5. I am a sucker for christmas lights photos!  These turned out great. 

    p.s. I am hosting a giveaway that ends friday - I thought you might be interested: http://schreiber6.blogspot.com/2011/11/littlest-mammoth-giveaway.html

  6. Oh cuteness. She's going to treasure these photos when she's older. 

  7. oh, how cute!  What an adorable little setup, even if it didn't go exactly as planned!  I think she looks great!

    I know, isn't it funny that my kids each look so different?  Green, brown, and blue eyes- if one were a redhead, it would be perfect!

  8. Adorable!
    The grandparent's will love...i mean really, could she be any cuter! Love the new 'do.


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