I used to be a knitting-poser.
My gal pals and I would get together and knit while chatting, watching t.v... whatever.
I could knit.purl. row on row... and that was it.
I have no patience for patterns.
No commitment to counting.
Knitting and I were just not going to be friends for too long I fear.

And this, this bunched up pile of knitted hat was my only real 'project'.
Sure, I just invented the pattern... namely, knit two tea cozy type shapes... and stitch them together ... and flop it on my noggin.
I have to push all the extra 'bulges' in at the side - otherwise, to my husband's great delight - I have huge teddy bear ears sticking out the side of the toque.
If I twisted the hat around I would resemble a rooster - a highly adaptable piece really.

I can't even take credit for the neck warmer, (bought at a craft show).
Everyone tells me to try crochet... it's supposed to be more my style: "fast and easy".

Maybe I'll tackle that new venture in the future... or maybe I'll force myself to commit back to knitting (since the hoarder optimist in me still has a nest full of needles and wool).

Do you stick with projects if they require more than an ounce of creative commitment?
What group are you in... the knitters or the crocheters?

Knit-wit mama,
Mel ;o)


  1. Crochet!  Long live the hook!

  2. arrrrrrrgh, me matey.... I mean, awesome!  You come teach me - while Reggie and Azi smooch. ;o)

  3. Heather Alayne Anderson17 January 2012 at 00:51

    I feel the same about knitting.  I did a scarf, then tired of that handiwork.  Naomi just recently tried to teach me to crochet.  I might stick with it, but it also seemed very repetitive and involved counting.  I think maybe I should just stick to yarn pictures - I really liked those in grade 5.  So stick me in a whole different category.  I don't quite have the patience for learning and following patterns, but I will conquer this whole discipline thing eventually and perhaps make a hat to match the scarf . . .

  4. I'm a knitter! I only crochet when I'm highly motivated to crochet... it has to be really cute for me to want to try it! I think you'll find that there are many satisfying knitting patterns that don't take a lot of counting. Try lionbrand.com for some cute patterns! 

  5. I believe in you Heather... if you can stick with it and conquer it, maybe there's still hope for me?!  Otherwise, yes, lets get together and do yarn portraits of our husbands.. we'll need extra yarn for their beards! ;o)

  6. Interesting insight - thanks for the heads up, and the link... I'll keep that in mind next time I blow the dust off my knitting needles! ;o)

  7. Hi, I've been reading your blog for a while, I love the stuff you do and your heartfelt posts! I crotchet! crotchet all the way baby! I learned my first stitches on YouTube, I almost threw my laptop across the room, then it clicked, and there are so many different stitches ( great if you have a short attention span... Like me...ahem...), most of them you kind of make up on your own, see others work and congratulate yourself for being so clever!!! it's also great for us Hoarders who never throw away things like small balls of wool. Try The blog 'meet me at mike's' a lovely Melbourne lady ( like me!) she has all the sweet crotchet hookups( pun intended) and likes sharing her crafty biz. congrats on your ripe belly!!!

  8. g'day g'day Gayna!  Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by this nest, and share your stitchery tales too...  I'll keep that crochet hookup in mind - gotta love some Aussie input! ;o)  have a great weekend.


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