...why yes, I am still wearing this dress.

...I'm typing with pruney-fingers from washing dishes in the setting sun.

...savouring the quiet of our nest, and chorus of crickets outside.

...preparing for the crazy.busy days of 'nursery duty' this week.

...bathing my brain in a delightful novel (but knowing I need to go shower!). 

...grateful for a weekend spent with family:
*remembering the painful loss of a sweet baby girl... 
*but, eager to meet her new brother this Christmas!

*birthday cake and blowing candles for my mama.

...thankful for the richness of our days, not measured in material stuff... but in the blessing of family. friendship. love...

...and laughter:

...I can't decide which picture of Hudson cracks me up more:
a) suffering the painful fashion regime of his Nana
b) posing as a woodland fairy baby beneath the flower!
Hope your weekend treated you richly as well dear hearts.

Mel ;o)

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