...that's my guy:

 He's impossible to take a normal picture of... hence, the above shot showing how 'shpecial' we truly are.

He's the most down.to.earth, disarming, genuine guy I know.

I know that he loves me like crazy... even when I'm being cra-zay.

Neither of us remembers to wear our wedding ring (actually I think mine is lost...) and we keep guessing when our anniversary is (since we're terrible at remembering numbers)...
but we know we're committed to loving each other as long as we both shall live.

 He's up before the crack of dawn to work at the bakery... and when he comes home, how does he relax?  He bakes some more!
Various types of breads, cupcakes, pastries... all filling our home (and bellies) with their goodness.

I figure it's my duty as a good wife to cram as much of those delicacies into my gizzard as possible.  It's a hard life I tell ya.

What should also be noted is how he comes home exhausted from a long day... and instantly offers to take our daughter out for an adventure if I look tired on the home-front.  His sacrificial love humbles me daily.

He's the one-and-only "Daddy" to our girl,
and the apple of his son's eye... who's only word so far is: "Da-Daaaa".

It's easy to see why they adore him.
He's a consistent source of affection, tickles, adventures, correction and care.
 I love to see them caught up in delight with one another.


If you can tell a man by his goals, this would be my ben:

..to name a few.

...that's my guy.

I kind of like him, 
like, a lot.

the baker's ma'am,
Mel ;o)


  1. He sure is a good fella, beard and all. I can only imagine what a great dad he must be, too.

  2. Yes him is!! ;o) We should all hang with all the kids sometime.

  3. eek! leaving my eyes all blurry after that post. he sounds like a pretty awesome dude. gonna wipe my teary eyes now:)....thanks for a lovely Monday morning read:). x

  4. awww, you big sweety - sorry to make the mascara run. He is pretty awesome, much like your
    own big dude! lol

  5. I'd really like to do that. Mind if I message you sometime this or next week to see if we can swing it?


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