D.I.Y: upcycle 'trash' into toy houses..

Hello friends!
As the title implies, this do.it.yourself project is all about turning trash into treasure... for your toddlers.  
Because sometimes I'm too lazy to do a 'toy-rotation-schedule' but I still want to introduce something new to their playtime without spending another cent on more kid-clutter toys! 
 Enter from stage left: empty cat litter container... sure, one could just toss it in the recycling/garbage.
But not here, NO!  We cut.colour.create with it.
A silly new farmhouse for our daughter's toy animals is invented.

This sturdy plastic container is easily cut with a sharp knife/X-ACTO blade.
While a black Sharpie permanent marker makes for simple decorating.
I didn't try to be too artistic here, the more childlike/messy.. the better I think, so don't sweat it.

So next time you go to toss a juice jug, litter container or any other similar 'trash' just remember how much fun your toddler could have with it! 

Creatively yours,
Mel ;o)


  1. So cute! G would love this too!

  2. Very clever. We use a lot of "trash" around here too. Turning kleenex boxes and coffee tins into trucks and towers. Way to play!

  3. Thanks for the other ideas too! heh.. it thrills my Scottish soul to be so thrifty. ;o)

  4. Glad you like Des! Bet you have some cat litter bins hanging around... ;o) xo

  5. This is great Mel- I'll have to try something like this.

  6. thanks! I'm sure you could make a pretty fantastic looking one! Hope you guys have a wonderful new start at the new church (named after you, right??! lol) this morning! xo

  7. Yes, you are so clever!

  8. well thanks - right back at you too, lady! ;o)


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