thrify & nifty threads: upcycled fashion #8

 Well this latest edition of taking something thrifty, and making it more nifty, has me seeing spots... er, polka dots!

 I had this frumpy old dress rolled into my fabric stash for years... and the other day I went to grab it for a sewing project - and realised it was still a dress!
Light cotton. Ric-rack trim. Zipper up the front.

Taken in at the sides.
Angle cut around the bottom of skirt... with doily edging from an old table runner.
Crochet Peter-Pan collar added on.
 See... angle cut bottom!  Love those wee pockets.

Annnd, Azriel and I getting all silly... since that's how we roll.
Past thrifty.nifty projects found here.

Hope you have a fun-filled weekend friends!
Mel ;o)


  1. That dress is TO DIE FOR! Seriously, you did an amazing job. I would wear that everywhere. So, so cute. The tailoring, the belt, the lacy bits. They are ALL good things. You're a champ. 

    (On an unrelated note... thank you for leaving me the most amazing blog comments. I seriously adore every single one of them and when I see the comment is from you, I brace myself for the magic that will soon be on my screen. So, again, thanks for giving me something to look forward to and for reading.)

  2. Oh my, how dotty. Love everything!
    Every dress should have POCKETS!

  3. Great job! Would love to wear that dress :)

  4.  hey thanks!  As usual! ;o)

  5.  Glad you like it, thanks so much Aleksadra!

  6.  yes,  a dotty spotty theme around here lately! Agreed, pockets make everything better! xo

  7.  Well gosh!!  This is one of those 'sixpence none the richer' moments where YOUR sweetness has trumped any sweetness you're thanking me for.... haha!  Thanks soo much for your kind words here too (though I fear for my life if someone is supposed to "die" over this dress... lol).
    I love the uniqueness of your voice in the blogsphere, so I am glad to comment - though now I will have commenters anxiety about always being "amazing.magic"... hmmm, next time I may just have to leave a one word message like, : "poop-cakes".  Yah, that.
    Ha! xo

  8. Agy of Green Issues12 August 2012 at 10:26

    Oh, I love polka dots and you've turned the frumpy dress into an adorable one! :-)

  9.  Well thank you Agy! Sweet of you to say so! ;o)

  10. This is a great revamp... would so try & borrow this from you!  

  11.  thanks!  "Borrow" as in.. you want me to mail the dress to you?... or you're going to hack up your own version?!  Hehe... to either you're welcome! ;o)


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