...that's my boy:

 So now this is the post where I get to gush about my boy.
Remember how I used to wonder if my heart could ever grow enough to love a second child?
Well it turns out I had a secret compartment - a bottomless pit if you will - ready to spring open when we got this guy in our life.
I can't explain how crazy delighted I am in our Hudson.
Ben says I'm wrapped around his wee pudgy fingers... and I guess he's right.

 But how could I not be hopelessly smitten with this charmer?
Sure, he's had his share of sleepless nights. screaming marathons. and bowels of Hades... but that just makes the happy moments with him that much more wonderful!

He's our guy smiley.
He loves to laugh - even at my lame jokes.
He's a sack o' bricks... 6 months and over 20lbs!

He adores his sister.
He cracks up at his da-da.
He's enraptured with his mama.
And we all love him right back.

And here's my closest glimpse of heaven.
Those cherub cheeks warmed in a slumbering glow.
When he falls asleep on my shoulder.
I hold his heart against mine.
And they thump in unison...

...that's my boy.
That's my family.

I'm a blessed wife/mama,
Mel ;o)


  1. i have not been able to sit and read for a while and just read all three "family" posts :) so sweet and wonderful. i'm certain that someday we will meet in person, i just "know", ya know? Miss Azi is a character, so similar to my Oliver. Much love mama Mel !

  2. Awwww, sista'... I should do a family portrait of you too, no?! ;o) I do hope that day does come, it would be a riot I'm sure! Love hearing from you here, thanks for stopping in.. even if it's to distract you from cleaning your house??! muahahaha. xoxo

  3. Oh he is too cute! I cannot believe how big he is! Those cheekies are totally edible :)

  4. hehe, thanks Jaime! I find it hard to resist nibbling his cheeks (toes. fingers!) myself! ;o)

  5. He is absolutely adorable. I often wonder if I'll have enough room in my heart for a second baby and seeing this I know I will! Fricking adorable.

  6. Aww, thanks so much ~ glad you're feeling more convinced... because it's true! I think with every birth our hearts grow to match. You're sweet! ;o)

  7. The third of your sweeties. Way to showcase your family, Mel. You're pretty darn handy with a camera, too.

  8. Thanks very much Dan, I'm just one of those 'mama-razzi' types!


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