thrifty & nifty threads: upcycled fashion #10

 This edition of taking something thrifty and making it something nifty... has tickled me right down to my toes.
Is anybody else starting to see a theme here lately?  It looks like I can't get enough of slapping lace (or doilies) onto every garment I own...
...even my shoes:

 Yep... I had thrifted these shoes last summer.  (Side-note: I think buying second-hand shoes is one step above the grossness of buying used underwear... but if the shoes look new, I'm sold!).
So, I liked the green tones and thought the giraffe motif was cute, except for when I tried to wear them with any outfit!  My propensity for buying patterned-everything sometimes backfires... especially when the shoes won't work with any other pattern.

 I grabbed those neglected flats... and painted them in a deep periwinkle blue (mainly to show off the lace going over the toe).  Then, I used a gold paint for the sides of the shoe... all fancy like.

 If you're interested to create your own version: just cut the lace out to fit over the toe of your shoe.  I used hot glue (seen in yellow) to seal it to the rubber edge of the shoe.. and trimmed the lace afterwards.  The (red) cut lines allow the lace to fold under the rim of your shoe where you can glue it to the inside as well.
Pretty basic.
Pretty pretty.

I heart lace.

And, as you can see from all these past upcycling projects, my wardrobe is slowly growing in to one large, lacy, handmade entity!  Sew sweet.

Mel ;o)


  1. These are gorgeous! Seriously, I love them. If you find more shoes in 8.5.... ;)
    Now I may go looking for some clearance ones to do this to. I can't do the used shoe thing either.

  2. WOW...beautiful!!! I like it and it looks very nice!!!!

  3. Cute idea! They turned out really great!

  4. You are TOO cute Mel! Loving these....so adorable.

  5. well shucks, thanks! If you - the QUEEN of fabulous shoes - can like these, then I am honored! ;o)

  6. thanks so much Elvira, sweet of you to stop in! ;o)

  7. hehe, thanks! We're the same shoe size, so you can borrow... (wait a minute... ewwww!) Glad you share my 'foot fears'! ;o)

  8. blytheponytailparades31 August 2012 at 11:12

    These are so so sweet :)

  9. My goodness, woman. You are the coolest. I'm loving all of these upcycles. This one has got to be my favourite... well, this one or that blue dress you did a little while back. I think I need to find a pair of shoes to do this to. What kind of paint did you use?

  10. Glad you likey! Yes if lace isn't the theme... then, using blue in most of these upcycles so far seems to be. I'm in a rut I tell you! Anyway, I just slapped some acrylic (house paint) on to mine, and an oil based 'gold leaf' paint.... since they were a canvas type of shoe they absorbed it pretty well. Durability factor hasn't been tested yet... lol, but you could always spray a protective coat (clear coat varnish) over it I figure. Heck, you could even spray paint the colour on the shoes in the first place! Happy 'sneaking' a new look on your sneaks.

  11. thanks Vi! So is your vlog cutie patootie. ;o)


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