recent creations: [doorstop stuffies].

I thought it would be fun to show a few of my more recent sewing projects today.
While I do love sewing all my 'nifty & thrifty' clothing projects.. I still prefer the creative sewing of these fun wee stuffies:
Here's a recent matryoshka (nesting) doll doorstop/book end I specifically made for my sweet mentor-lady-friend who loves these dolls.reds.and best of all... owls!
(If anyone would like a sewing d.i.y for this project, just holler and I'll post it in the future).

I've also been sewing up more of those heavy hoots (doorstop owls) lately!
L - This pink.tan.soft turquoise and brown vinyl owl was for my besty's new sweet daughter.
M - This tan.turquoise.grey plumage owl was a special order.
R - This wild green.orange.retro owl was for our bedroom!
I loved this fabric and wanted to incorporate it with a fun orange/gold damask for the back of it.

 Annnnnnd here is the break for 'commercials' where I say that NOW is the time to get in any custom orders you may desire from my SHOP or other commissions before this crazy Fall season of prepping for Christmas shows is upon me (I can't believe it's now August!)!


Lastly, if any locals are looking to find my handmade creations:
I'm still selling pottered jewellery.wood pendants at the Kawartha Tourism Centre.
Doily earrings. neck.clays and a few paintings downtown at TANGO clothing.
Bird mobiles at GLOW maternity a few shops north of Tango.

Have a tweet day friends!
Mel ;o)


  1. She is gorgeous - but hey, she's not wearing her necklace :o)

    Aunt D - grateful recipient!

  2. We love our little hoot... it seconds as a safety feature for our son who likes to run into half opened doors.  The doors are all wide open around here now!  Love the half closed sleepy eyes it has too!

  3.  Hehe... I probably should have made it about 20lbs heavier to be Reggie-push-proof!  I thought the sleepy eyes would encourage lil' sweetie to have longer dream times (seems to be working.. lol).  Ooooh, I want to hold her again!! xo

  4.  glad you liked!  Hmmm... missing necklace eh?  I'll be keeping my eye out for a lady in red! xoxo

  5.  thanks so much Des! xo

  6. Lovely! I especially love the matryoshka doll!


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