..away we go

 Family road trips.
Adventures across the unknown countryside.
I hope our kids remember these times together.
Every weekend we try to 'take.off.eh'...to some new destination tucked into one of the towns around our own city.
Thanks to GoogleMaps... the scenic tours often become more confusing, but even getting lost can be fun (unless you drive too far the wrong direction!).  Nothing like the reward of a donut to offset any frustration in the journey though!

This weekend's adventure:
Tyrone Mills Bakery
 This quaint bakery/wood mill is tucked into the rolling hills of nearby apple orchards.
Everything is baked/made fresh on site... even the flour is ground there.
Apple cider donuts with cinnamon dusting.... mmmMMMMMmm.
The real adventure was walking up their ancient stairs and bridges to explore around the mill.... we honestly feared most boards were about to break beneath us (maybe we should have eaten the donuts after exploring!).

And this, this is what the drive home looks like.
Cinnamon and sugar dusted around her cheeks.
Country wind dancing through her hair.

My keepsake memories of another family weekend road trip.

What traditions does your family have on weekends?
 Hope you had another great one!

Mel ;o)


  1. looks yummy and so fun! love a good bakery. they should make 'bakery perfume.' mmm:). great photos!! especially love the sleepy one:).


  2. it was! Yummyfunness. A bakery perfume... I swear, that's the cologne Ben comes home with each day (also sweat, and dusted in flour! lol). Nothing beats the smell of a good bakery tho!
    I love that sleepy one too ;o) Hope this week is a better one for your crew! xo

  3. I love the idea of making every weekend into a little adventure... and if that adventure includes donuts, all the better. Seriously, apple donuts with cinnamon sugar sounds just delightful. I would gladly have one of those moving toward and into my mouth right now. :)

  4. A girl after my own heart... or, the way to my heart is through my stomach, too! ;o) We love our wee adventures here. You pack plenty of them in on your side of the country too!


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