confessions [of a Mel] part.7.

 Alright, here's my next confession... and it's pretty embarrassing:
I never read novels.

I know, right?  Ridiculous.  But before you laugh or lecture me... rest assured, this ol' mama can still learn new tricks.  Or, in this case, crack open a book.

The reasons for my 'past' negligence were many.  If you can endure some of my excuses, here they are:  
1) Any free moment I got in the day - was spent crafting usually (maybe I should have been more clear about that in my vlog response to "how can I craft soo much?"!).

2) I suffer a pathetic perfectionism requirement of novels... fearing to 'try' one and realise it was a waste of time!  Again, ridiculous... I know.

3)  Reading requires sitting, being still, and disengaging from my surroundings... my over-achiever, industrious side has a hard time with that. 

4)  I fear that being caught reading will cause my husband to suffer a heart attack.
(Hahahahhahah... ok, no, but he does stare in shock at me lately with a book in my hand)!

 But here's the wonderful turn around.. I've dropped those excuses, and picked up a delightful book instead!  I know there's a lot of good, valid, healthy reasons for leisure reading... but I must also confess the final motive in my case was less honourable.

I was seeking escapism (a cheaper version of a vacation, a healthier version of a wino!).
Call it those recent mama moments with the meltdowns of late, but I knew I just needed a safe place to retreat (versus rocking in the fetal position).
This wasn't to replace my quiet times reading Scriptures, or time reading blogs, articles, etc.
This was a need for some new landscapes, and adventures in my stay.at.home.mama role.

I turned to one of the most inspiring people I could think of to guide me in this quest.
Some one I knew had an eye for the right reads - and she graciously sent me a list of top choices (and a sweet scolding for not being a reader! heh).  Thanks Jillian!

Currently reading:  "Freckles"
I can't even begin to describe how this author Gene Stratton-Porter can make places like a swamp seem heavenly.  Her characters are rich with integrity, empathy, beauty, love.

I'm gobbling it up page by page, chomping down each chapter with zeal.
Hitting that bittersweet stage of nearing the 'end' and not wanting it to be over...  ack
Thankfully I know there's a whole stack of other great reads waiting for me.

How about you?
Any top books on your list lately?

Gotta run, there's a book calling me.
Mel ;o)


  1. I love Freckles! And Girl of the Limberlost! If I'd had any idea you would enjoy them I would have loaned them ages ago! This is so exciting!
    Aunt D

  2. Do you have Girl of the Limberlost? It's a sort of a sequel to Freckles, and if you don't have it, I do!

  3. Personally I don't' read novels much. Used to when I was younger... I would read romance novels etc. But I am a very slow reader so it take a long time to get though a book so now  if I am going to take the time to read a book, which I don't do very often (beside my quiet time) I want it to be a book that will teach me or encourage me in the Lord.So I tend to read missionary biographies or stuff like that. And found them most encouraging.  If I want to have a novel fix I would rather just watch a movie it takes less time. :) 

  4. Yeah! Sounds great! I LOVE fiction but I've pretty much given it up since becoming a momma. Mostly non-fiction, biographies and poetry in the last few years for me. I have a real book problem (I mean habit). I recently looked in my bag to find a book about Tissue Salt Facial Diagnosis, Make Your Place by Raleigh Briggs from microcosm publishing, Kari Campan's new book, Grow Your Handmade Business and Charles Bukowski's The Captain is Out to Lunch and the Sailors Have Taken Over the Ship. I am loving them all. I couldn't help but wonder how I am ever going to find all the time in my life that I need to read all the books I want to?
    Happy reading!

  5. Hey...Girl of the Limberlost is related to this whole thing! Cool. Maybe I'm the girl of the Limberlost ( at least I will be this weekend at the Artists of the Limberlost show...)...and I'm covered with freckles! Full circle.
    Enjoy your reading! xxoo

  6.  Wild eh?? That's what had me so intrigued about your show!! Best of luck with it by the way.. your new stuff still looks incredible! xoxo

  7.  haha, oh Andrea... guess you'll have to take the kids to more parks with shaded benches nearby for reading! ;o)

  8.  I loved Amy Carmichael's "A chance to die"..  they are an inspiring 'genre' for sure... missionary biographies, our Hudson is named after H Taylor too, ;o)

  9.  ooooooooooooh yes please!!

  10.  I was just here bawling.. trying to get through the last chapters... almost done, aggghh!  Is the sequel able to match this one for all its charm?? hope so! xoxo

  11. Ooh, 'Freckles,' and Gene Stratton Porter's other books about the Limberlost are favourites of mine (and Deb's too)! I'm a bit of a readaholic; I have gone pretty much cold turkey since I had my first child, because once I start on a good book, I am incapable of putting it down...even if that means staying up all night...and obviously one cannot regularly imbibe in sleep deprecating activities and mother well! I know what you mean about books that disappoint. This reader has no patience for mediocrity. If I can tell where a book is going by the end of page 3, I stop reading. If I can tell where it's going by the end of the 2nd or 3rd chapter, I read the last chapter to confirm my suspicions. The mark of a truly gifted author, to me, is a book that is so compelling that I am unable to skip ahead or put it down. I have fallen off the wagon a couple of times, though--especially when my hubby's away and I'm trying to replace his absence with comfort reading. One of my latest reads was Mary Beth Chapman's 'Choosing To See.' So poignant and raw

  12. anything by Barbara Kingsolver.  I go to her books for escape and at-home travel all the time.  If you want to delve into some great non-fiction, try Kingsolver's book "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle".  She wrote this book with her husband and daughter about a year long family agreement to eat locally and grow as much as they could of their own.

  13.  Hey Stacy, yes to Barbara!  I recall enjoying her reads in the past - and had heard of that book and thought 'what a great premise'... thanks for the reminder to find it!  Hope you're keeping well in your crafty corner of the globe ;o)

  14.  Thanks for sharing K-L, I guess it's one of the 'sacrifices' in parenting at this stage - though I do enjoy peppering it through my days now (but I hear you about the urge to drop everything and be consumed in the book!).  Thanks for the other recommendation too, will bookmark it!  ;o)

  15. ha!  I love your realistic definition of "escapism."  So very true.  So very very true. (although I think I may be both a wine-o and an escapism addict.) :)


  16.  uh-oh Trish! lol... I think you serve up some pretty tasty drink ideas over there... would gladly join you over a good read! ;o)  Thanks for popping in!

    I am SO glad you loved it. So glad.
    I just re-read it and bawled my heart out.
    I've been accused of being the Bird Woman, the Swamp Angel and Freckles...so take your pick.

  18. You and me both sister, hard to read through the blur.. but absolutely loved it!! thanks so much for the recommendation, you rock my world! xoxo


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