There's a certain thrill of discovery that comes with a fresh perspective, isn't there?
The daily drudge, and the numbing sameness that can come with routines often take their toll.
Get up.
Brush teeth.
Care for kids.

Maybe your days have a certain rhythm too?
Sometimes it just takes a new perspective to re-discover the beauty already in our world...

...instead of a planned meal... a spontaneous picnic.
...instead of eating around our dining table.... sitting on a patchwork quilt.
The sun as chandelier.
The willow tree as curtains.
The grass for carpet.
..even an 'unglamourous' meal (guacamole/chips. macaroni & cheese) is delicious in this new setting.
They say the journey of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes,
but in having new eyes.

So sometimes you just need to rattle the routine, and shake out the beauty again.

I saw afresh how a meal shared with my loves is sacred.

I'm thankful for the home that holds us.
The food that fills us.
The love that carries us.

Sometimes it's good to be reminded to see the extra in our ordinary,

blessed mama,
Mel ;o)
P.S... happy long weekend fellow Canadians!

P.P.S... yeah, so I'm still struggling with 'watermarking' my photos (argh, so distracting!) will likely use it for only key pictures I want to 'hide', thanks for your votes friends!

P.P.S... now go plan a picnic, they're so fun.



  1. Great idea, my husband works tomorrow so I think the little man and I will go to the park and have a picnic.

  2. oooh fun! Hope you guys have a lovely time (especially if there's a creek nearby to go crayfish 'hunting'!) happy weekend ;o)


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