D.I.Y: upcycled pet bags into baby bibs.

 Let me tell you, when you spend the highest dollar on fancy feline food... you want to maximise it's usefulness!  Since training the cats to wash the dishes has failed.  I've opted to use their food bags to keep the kids clean!

Yes, its 'upcycle your pet food bags into baby bibs' day.
 You may recall this project from last year (with cute baby shots of Azriel).
While sewing up some new ones recently I added a few changes.

Here's the run-down:
Cut the food bag (that thick plastic kind/or use vinyl/tablecloths etc) in a long rectangle (10-12").
Cut a bib shape from fleece or cotton (can be traced over an old bib).

 Now fold up the bottom of the plastic to create a 'spill pocket' for the bib.
I tucked the fleece edge up into the bottom of the pocket fold and then sewed around the entire edge of the bib.
(This is much quicker and simpler than my previous method of cutting a separate pocket piece).

 To attach the bib I used velcro in the past... but it eventually gets worn out.
This time I just added a button and sewed a quick loop with ribbon.
You could also use snaps if you're fancy like that.

Speaking of fancy, here's my two favourite models!
Azriel - my wild child, daughter of a cougar... and handsome happy Hudson.

Since Hudson is starting the real 'man' food soon, it's great to have an easy-to-wipe bib in place for all his slop fest sessions.
(Even tonight I was prepping the sweet potato... baking.blending.freezing in ice cube trays for his big advancement to real food soon!).

Anywho, that's how we keep the kiddos slightly cleaner around here.

Mel ;o)


  1. Almost wish Emery could be back in that stage again, if only for a couple mealtimes...

  2. too cute man!
    And those bibs are cool too!

  3.  helllooo 'stranger'.. I was starting to think you'd gone away for a bit (only to say I take it for granted that you're such a consistent commenter... hehe, thanks!!)... and thanks, glad you like them - we have cool cat food!  Hows your crew? 
    P.S... I still haven't seen those infamous earrings here.... you?  Maybe lost to the mail black hole? 
    Anywho, have a great weekend!

  4.  hehe, aww.  I like that name... what's it mean?  I can always make a 'daddy' sized bib for YOU if you'd like. :o)

  5. Whoa these are cool. Never even thought about that. I'll have to give it a try/

  6. Hahah this is such a fun idea! :) looove it

  7.  Hey there lovely Lauren, thanks so much!! ;o)

  8. Hi Natasha - glad you 'found' me on facebook there... thanks for popping in, and happy sewing! ;o)


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