colour me: [like two peas in a pod]

 Well colour me all-a-blush, because here I go again...
...these two peas in our 'pod' still brighten my world!
I know, I know... it's yet another post with pictures of my babies, but can you blame me?

 Despite the fact that they're over 2 years apart... they are already smitten with each other.
They share the same sense of humour.
They co-conspire to keep mama up day and night.
But still they daily delight me.
They share the deepest part of my heart.
Not to mention the same diaper size(!!).

Annnnnd, they have pretty adorable tea-parties together:

 (I feel it's my motherly duty to state that this is Azriel's hyper 'baby' voice... she actually does know how to speak clearly!).

I'm currently creating one of those online-photo-books of these two.. (more to come on that later) and just seeing all the sweet shots of them together overflows my cup with blessing.
Granted, every shot tends to have Azriel tucked behind her thumb... but that's cute too.

Case in point.

Nite nite dear hearts.

Mel ;o)



  1. It's never the wrong time to show off your cuties. Mine are posted all across Aura's Facebook, and will be on mine too once I can snag the photos. Kids are worth bragging about, and they know it.

  2.  ..hehe, yes THEY do!  My girl Azriel has a love/hate relationship with the camera... some days she wants to take/see as many as possible, and other days.. well, that's when she hides behind her thumb and gives me a gimlet eye. ;o)

  3.  we think so too!! ;o) xo  thanks!


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