...that's my girl:

  In a couple short months this lil' darling will be a whoppin' three year old!
Who hit the fast-forward button?  I may just blink and see her asking for the car keys next.

So, right now, I try to remember those quirks that make her the child I adore.. 

For example: take this gal to the playground and she'll squeal down the slides a few times, but then return to her favourite spot of all: the dirt.  She loves digging, raking, and rolling around in it.
Yes, I'm that mama with the kid making snow dirt-angels.

 She's my wee beauty... and my crazy beast, all rolled in to one.
Tenderly she dotes on her younger brother...  tortuously she thwacks him the next moment.

Every time we come home she runs to the garden to pick me a flower.
The plucked tomatoes (Azi calls "poemados") are shared with her Daddy.

She hates to walk any where... encouraging her stay off the stroller results in dragging a screaming tempest down the sidewalk (how the neighbours must talk)!

 If she gets a 'boo-boo'...the whole block will also hear her bewail it. 
Every scratch, cut or bruise is accounted for to her Grandparents on each visit (even when the 'trauma' is weeks old).

Oh, but she loves to snuggle.

And despite saying "I can do it MYSELF"... she still asks her Mama to join her in everything.
She loves playing with her toy animals (especially in rice).

She hangs on every word during story-times... eyes wide with delight or dismay at the plot.

Oh, and I sort of interviewed her here too:

Yes, that's my Azriel...
...that's my girl.

I love her to bits,

Mel ;o)


  1. Sounds like she would be a perfect playmate to our four-year-old Emery. But, in addition to flowers, does she also like bugs? This may make or break the relationship.

  2. hehe.. she does! Ben teaches her that they are cool... tho I may have conversely taught her to say 'ewwwww'. Let's try for it tho! ;o)

  3. Dear Azi,
    I really liked watching the video of you painting and hearing you say that you loved me so much. I love you so much too, and maybe Mama will let us come over and see you sometime soon. Blue, white and pink are my favourite colours. Do you like pink and white too? Ike loves you too, and he would like to see you soon. His favourite animals are monkeys and bears and tigers.

  4. awwwwwwwwwww, well that's the best comment we've ever gotten here! lol thanks for writing "Lil' Sarah"... we love and miss you (and your crew)... hope to see you soon! xo

  5. Elly - jazzlipsandtulips23 August 2012 at 19:07

    Ohmygoodness that crazy beast photo is so great, made my day, she is gorgeous! As is your blog!

  6. Ha! It kiiillls me when she makes that face too... but, I also cringe because she seems to have no problem with yanking her eyelids way down her face. Oy! Thanks so much for your sweet words, lovely to have you here Elly! ;o)


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