chocolate peanut butter pillow cookies [vegan]:

 Omigoodness you guys ~ some things are so good you just have to share them!
If you have a crush for that chocolate/peanut butter match-made-in-heaven taste... then this is the recipe for you!

I have my blogger bud - now friend in real life - Kiki to thank for showing me this recipe (and baking it with me recently!).  When I had told her that my lil' Hudson was hating me for having any dairy in my diet, she recommended this 'baby-friendly' and delicious treat for my chocolate cravings.

"Vegan" had me sceptical.
Back in the day when I was given vegan 'treats' they tasted more like cardboard and dirt blended up.  Not to mention that soy milk was the flavour of someone dipping a dusty old chalkboard brush into a cup of water.

Who knew that this recipe - and almond milk - would taste sooo good!
It should also be noted that vegan baking has come a long way I think.... in past blogger meet-up parties I do recall Chantilly making some tantalising treats for elycia.
So good job vegan bakers of the world.
You've won me over!

Whether or not you're vegan... if you love this combo, you'll drool for this ooey-gooey, peanut butter chewy recipe from the Post-Punk Kitchen blog.

Best served warm from the oven, with a big glass of almond milk!

nom nom nom.

Have a sweet weekend friends,
Mel ;o)

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  1. Those sure do look yummy! Mmm chocolate and peanut butter...


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