thrifty & nifty threads: upcycled fashion #9

 Hey there friends ~ today's fashion feature has triple the upcycling power.
You're excited now aren't you?  Ready?  Here we go:
thriftiness to the power of three!

 First: I'd been dreaming up this skirt for awhile now... a simple concept of 'quilting' various layers of lace, eyelet and cotton strips of turquoise,tan and cream.
Love it!

 Second: I had another old tank top I wanted to turn into a casual purse (remember that easy d.i.y?)... and a leftover wooden napkin ring from that other turquoise & wood project as a 'thumb holder' feature on the bag.

Third: the shirt came with shoulder ties and wooden beads = instant bracelet!
Fun times I tell ya.

 (Here's a sewing side-note: thanks to my sis-in-law,  I just discovered the trick of sewing the zipper face down on the inside of your skirt seam... then use a stitch-ripper and unveil the zipper from the outside... perfectly aligned!  Neato.)

A purse.
A bracelet.
A skirt.
All in turquoise and tan... I'm pretty delighted with this week's upcycling adventure!

If you've missed any previous projects ...they're all found here.

Happy week'ending friends.

Mel ;o)


  1. I love it but I have to see the real thing as it looks halfway between mint and olive green on my screen.

  2. Girl, you outdid yourself this time. Upcycling x 3... and in turquoise yet! HA!!! Happy weekend to you & yours.

  3. Ooo pretty! What a lovely skirt!
    Wait, what's the zipper trick? I don't like zippers so I try to avoid them :)

  4. I am in LOVE with this pretty skirt, holy moly!!

  5. Carly!! Hello sweets, nice to hear from you ~ and thanks bunches! Hope you're still having a fantastic - albeit busy - summer! xo

  6. Hehe, thanks Danielle! I know, I should win upcycling bonus points for this don't you think? ;o) Hope you guys have a beautiful weekend as well - its so cool and breezy!

  7. uh-oh Deb, time to work on your screen tint... I always wondered how my pictures look depending on reader's screen colour... now I know. I would welcome the chance for you to see it in 'real life', since that means I get to see you! xo

  8. That zipper trick is freaking genius!

  9. I know right? Pretty much any sewing trick out there is ''new' to me.. and miraculous! lol

  10. you are ridiculous...insanely sewing/creatively talented. not fair you got so much skills...and some of us (e-hem, me;) can't even read a pattern. I end up cutting them up in a rage:P. haha...this is a super cute outfit. i think i could manage the bracelet:). anyways...

    your style rocks!

    love, the jealous girl from jersey:).

  11. bahahaha! We sound more alike than you realize.. I hate patterns... that's why I just wing all this craziness and hope for the best (maybe I should post my 'flopped' attempts too just to encourage the shy seamstresses in you?... lol). Thanks for your silly.sweet.sisterly loathing. ;o) xo

  12. OH. MY. GOSH. I love that skirt, like seriously its soooo cute! :) You did such an awesome job!

  13. Hey Lauren, thanks.so.much! :o)


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