D.I.Y: sew wild sweaters

This week's do.it.yourself project is sure to bring out your wild side.
I don't know about you, but I'm a sucker for any outfit that makes my kids look like a lil' critter.
(Except that time I walked into a coffee shop with my daughter strapped to me in a teddy bear snowsuit... and I overhead someone say: "Oh, it's a BABY... I thought she was carrying a teddy!"??).  True story. 
Anyway, I digress... let's get crafting:

 Supplies Needed:
One hooded sweater
Felt in your desired colours
Two 'eye' buttons
Fabric Paint

 1. Measure around the rim of your hood, and cut that length out in white felt 'teeth'.
Sew the teeth inside the rim of the hood (pointing outward) with a straight stitch.

2. If you want a 'dinosaur' as seen here.. you can cut green felt 'spikes' to go down the back of the hood.

3.  I also cut two colours of round felt to go behind the button eyes.

 4.  Use a seam ripper to open the seam at the back of your hood.
Flip the hood inside out and tuck the spikes inside with their bottom edge lined up with hood seams.  Re-sew the hood back together.

 5. Stitch your button eyes securely on to the hood.

6.  Using fabric paint (or acrylics) you can add fun spots.scales.stripes for detail.
(Remember to put an insert between layers so the paint won't bleed through).
Our happy dapper dino' dude!

Your animal options are endless (bears.sharks.zebras.dragons...etc).
Super cute on the wee ones, but I won't judge if you want an 'adult' sized version.

Sew wild,
Mel ;o)


  1. OMG super cute. Gives me an idea on where to start on my plan for a moose costume for Halloween.

  2. heh - awesome! You gotta grab those basic brown knit gloves ...line them with pipe cleaners to shape them... and stuff = antlers! Sew on to hood? ;o)

  3. This is AH.MAZING. One question, though, how will the felt hold up in the washing machine? I'm thinking these would make great Christmas gifts for my nephews, but those boys are MESSY, so I want to make sure they're still washable.

  4. Hey thanks you! Good question.. the quality of felt will definitely determine how well it holds up to washing. The cheap felt (from recycled bottles) - which I often use (!) - will end up 'pilling' pretty quick.. You can buy better felt at fabric stores (feels like butta') and it should stay more smooth looking. You could always DOUBLE the layers of felt - stitch them together - and then add them to the sweater to be more durable I would wager. Happy sewing for the wee 'monsters'! ;o)

  5. Haha, oh gosh, this is too sweet. I should make Gretchen a kitty hoodie.

  6. meoow ~ would love to see that! ;o)

  7. Super Cute!


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