small steps. big lessons. 3.

Another day of 'domesticity' is winding down at this nest.  Today was my house-cleaning blitz in lieu of the earlier week being focused on getting paintings ready for my upcoming show... and because company was coming for dinner (funny how that always inspires a good clean eh?).

Home-makers always face the 'numbing sameness' of daily duties... you pick up the toys - only to see them become a new constellation on the floor again.  You wash the dishes - only to see them piled high and dirty again.  You launder the clothes.... you get the idea.
Sure, it's easy to get 'stuck' in the monotonous moments... but today I was reminded afresh of how much I love being a home-maker.  It's all about perspective right?  If I see the mess and grumble.. well I've just made a bigger mess in my heart.
But, if I see the mess... and remember the pudgy hands that made it... well - my perspective changes for the better!

So today, I wore a smile as I saw the joy my daughter had in playing with her toys.  I was thankful for the clothes on our back.  The good food in our stomachs... the dirty dishes that tell of friendships and blessings shared.

spaghetti.. kisses!

a beautiful mess. 

Mel :o)


  1. Thanks for the reminder Mel! From one Stay at Home Mama to another, it is often all to easy to forget the blessing behind each mess.

  2. Hi Nicole, thanks for the 'thanks'... I know I need reminding.. daily.. by the minute sometimes! :o)

  3. Aww :) This was too cute. Really changed my perspective too

  4. Hey there Colleen.. thanks for stopping in and saying hello... glad you enjoyed it! Hope your and your sweetie are doing well!


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