small steps. big lessons. 2.

This post is going out to the younger crowd.  As a mother there's lots that needs to be said... but I'll try and keep this short and sweet:

1. Never talk to stranger (or 'strange' looking friends of your parents).
2. Never ever pull their finger... it will stink if you do.
3. Never ever ever accept gifts from them... including a well-worn hat... it's a trap.
4. Maintain a stoic look of indifference when they want to make you laugh.
5.  Don't break your stare... it makes them think they won the contest.
... Yes, folks, as you can see, my daughter has mastered these life-saving rules. We like to bring in our wild and wacky friends to help train her in this regard.  ;o) [ thanks Matrim.] 

Just a few more rules before I go...

6. When someone is creating.. join them.. it's a sacred moment.
7. Have the eyes to see a sand-box as a giant canvas.. and a twig as a paintbrush.
8. Look with wonder and grace upon all those you meet each day.
9.  Life is beauty-full... embrace it.
10.  Listen to your mother... she's pretty much a genius.
I guess that covers the essentials for today.
happy thursday y'all.
(with tongue-in-cheek) Mel


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