Hot off the press - recent creations!

 Hello friends!  I decided to pull my head up out of my crafting frenzy and post some pics of the recent happenings here at Needle and Nest.  Lately I have been loving these neck-lace beauties.. and assembling varieties of them for the Springkle show - starting tomorrow.. eeeep!

 These are a new addition to my table as well... wooden pendants - with reversible fun prints on both sides!  A funky necklace option for young and old.  Not sure how I suddenly got transfixed by jewelry making (never was my 'medium' before...) but it's so fun now!  The only problem is you start to feel like your fingers are Oktoberfest sausages... and your eyes start leaning over onto each other... and your back starts to hunch over your assembly table...
So yes, I am the hunchback-cross-eyed-sausage-fingered jewelry lady now! ;o)

Ok.. to prove I'm not that cross-eyed, here's my latest mug shots.  Not that I want my blog to be any more 'narcissistic' than blogging is.... and put my own pictures on it. (heh)... but some of you wanted to see the hack job I recently attempted on my hair again.  I've been cutting it for years now... and lately I feel I do more hacking than styling (hence the blunt short bang-up job).  I wasn't brave enough to go completely short - so I left my bun in the back for the hopes of a future braid (or rat-tail as I tease my husband).  Now you know how to spot me at the upcoming craft shows, hope to see you there friends!
Back to the crafting table I go... 
Mel :o)

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