D.I.Y upcycle earrings... into better bling.

Hello friends!  Today I am excited to share with you a fun, easy, and thrifty way to accessorize your life.  We'll be taking clip-on earrings.. and turning them into funky brooches.
I just scored - and adored - these beauties the other day in my treasure hunt.  I'm just a little bit crazy obsessed with all things turquoise/robin's egg blue (as you may have guessed)... so finding these earrings with 'tree-like' gold veins was such a delight.

So here's the quick do.it.yourself tutorial for you eager bling'ers out there.  Simply find a fun pair of clip-on earrings... and Snip, Slip and Flip them!

Supplies needed are:
clip-on earrings
felt (..or fleece or wool)
brooch pin/fastener

1. Snip a circle of felt all around the edge (think flower petals).
You can also layer as many colours/patterns of felt as you like. 

2. Cut  a small snip into centre of fabric and slip the clip-on earring through it.

3. Flip earring to 'closed' position which also secures it to the brooch pin.

Voila!  There, wasn't that easy .. and such a fun way to up-cycle old unwanted clip-ons.  The options are endless really.... [one could make 'cuff-links'/book-marks/necklaces/head-band bling...etc from these wee treasures].
In fact ... if you look closely.. my past neck-laces had a 'stray' earring or two on display.  I tend to lose one half of my pairs often... (like the case of the missing sock partner)... so I opted to incorporate them into another version of jewellery.  A happy solution for all.

A stray earring... becomes the centrepiece to this neck-lace.
Hope this inspires some creative upcycling for your day.  
Happy crafting!
Mel :o)


  1. Great stuff Mel! I am a keeper of old jewellry, hoping to re-invent it someday. Thanks for the ideas!

  2. Thanks Maureen! Glad you found it helpful.. happy crafting in the 'country' now ;o) take care!


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