colour my day. 2.

Hullo!  I thought we locals may need a nice blast of colour today... in light of the continuing saga of soggy grey days out there.  I don't know about you, but I am eager for spring to put on her 'coat of many colours' and shed this muddy yucky trench coat she's been in lately.  Today I was definitely put out of sorts (as some may know) when my umbrella busted just as I was trying to get Azi and I out of the rain - sheesh!  I am like a cat to water... instant hissy-fit... just add h2o.
Anyway, I won't go on about that.. it's over. We're cozy and warm now, armed with chocolate and cuddly cats.  So here's a beautiful colourful musical post for you folks - pictures of the latest vintage gift from my Mom for my wee one.  Azi loves bashing a 'melody' out of these keys.  I'm curious if any readers remember having this one?  

{sigh} I do love that girl... (even though this week she is mastering the word "NO")... it's such a delight to watch her little hands explore the colour and characters of each key.
Hoping you find some beauty and inspiration in these bleak season,
stay warm, stay dry.. remember 'may flowers'!
Mel :o)

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