Happy Easter!

 One year.  One baby.  One bunny cloak.  Two Easters.  Here's somebunny special to celebrate this wonderful weekend with!  A lot can change in one year... we've become home-owners, celebrated our daughter's first birthday, I've left my employment, embraced motherhood... started a blog. :o)  Lots changes.  The one constant that remains year by year is the grace I've received from a kind and loving God.  I don't use this blog as a 'soap-box' to be preachy, but the love of Christ is the only reason for my reason in life.. my hope... my joy.. my peace.  Easter is a powerful time of year... and it goes much deeper than fluffy bunnies and chocolate.  Although I still can't resist chocolate... or dressing up my hunny as a cute lil' bunny...

... this is her "I'm having so much fun with all my bunnies" face... for real.  

... this is the cats' "I'm not having fun with this bunny" face... for real

So I'm signing off for this weekend, I hope to finish some painting for my upcoming show, make some easter treats, and spend time with family... and have a hot date with my hubby even!

Happy Easter friends!
From our family to yours.

Ben, Mel and Azriel


  1. Love the shot of the bunny baby eating the kittycat! ha! Also, the 3 of you make for a very beautiful family indeed! So much love abounds!
    Happy Easter!


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