3 eggs in our nest : [egg. 2. hospitality]

Morning friends, here's part two of the edition about the goals/rhythms/hopes our lil' family seeks to live out.  The first post was about our desire to live in sincerity.  The second 'egg' of importance in our nest is living out hospitality.

As I've mentioned before, we believe food brings people together in a wonderful way.  We love being able to have folks from all ages and stages of life in our home.  While our future goal of living in an intentional community still awaits us... we seek to build community within these walls by inviting friends over frequently.  This isn't always elaborate (though Food and Drink magazine helps when it is!)... it can be as simple as a cup of tea. I still struggle with the 'pressure' of making a full 'edible' meal for guests... so my husband often helps there.  We feel it's such an important model for our daughter too.  In fact, I think one reason she's so social even now is because she's grown up with  a variety of people always popping in. 

So what does hospitality look like around here?  
We have play dates with other friends and their kids. 
We host different small groups from our church.
We have campfires in the summer.
We play games/watch a movie.
We have a tea and chat.
We walk around the neighbourhood meeting people.
We take treats/bread to neighbours.

My husband and I are both 'introverted' enough (stop laughing... I am!... really.) that we could easily hide away in our nest and be content.  But we see the joy and beauty that comes from embracing hospitality and sharing in the lives of others.

The ornaments of your house will be the guests who frequent it.  ~Author Unknown

The final chapter is coming up next...
stop in for tea soon!

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