D.I.Y upcycle an old sweater.

Hello friends!  Here's a simple way to 'cutie-fy' an old sweater for your young sweeties.

1. Grab sweater (wool.fleece works best).
2. Cut around the belly/back - thereby shortening sweater to baby size.
3. Cut off arms/sides - thereby slimming to baby's chest.
4. Sew sides together and hem bottom.
5. Add a cute new button.
6. Sew on a handmade fabric brooch *optional!

Enjoy snuggling your little one in something you upcycled!
(p.s..Baby-sized scarves are the same approach.... cut to size.. and tie loosely at side of neck)

More to come this week!
Mel :o)

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  1. Any chance you'd do a tutorial for this..... I would LOVE to see that!! :)


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