all in a day's work...

Well the day is almost done here... and maybe you wished thought I wasn't going to put up a post today - but I'm squeaking one out.  It was a beautiful day out there - warm and sunny... a chance to get the laundry out on the line that I feared would be soaked (or blown sky high) in yesterday's tumult.  The above picture is posted on my clothes detergent bin in our laundry room.  Yes, that is my ridiculously dirty-toed husband, and my lil' cherub-toed daughter!  I thought it was a fitting pic since it marked the first day of my man's landscaping job last summer... and tomorrow he's starting up fresh for this year.  As I may have ranted before.... this guy is a gem.  He works half the week with 'special needs' individuals who can be pretty emotionally fatiguing; and now he's lacing up his steel-toed boots to go be physically fatigued for the other half of the week.  Now that he - and the babe - are both catching their zzz's... this mama is cleaning up the aftermath of a crafting-focused day (dishes are soaking in the sink, laundry to be sorted, fabric to cut...).  The highlight was discovering what my husband (who hates packing lunches) had chosen to pack for his lunch tomorrow.....
small can of peaches
zip-lock bag jammed with arrowroot cookies

... I couldn't help but laugh.  He's the most amazing chef for his family, but his lunches are bound to have him fainting in the mounds of mulch tomorrow...  so add that to my list tonight: pack a better lunch for the hard-working man of the house. 
See you tomorrow friends!
Mel :o)

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