3 eggs in our nest : [egg.1. sincerity.]

Our 'vision' tapestry/door-hanging            This owl was on the door when we moved in...how cool is that?!

Do you have a vision for your life?  Does your family have goals for the future?  If you're like me, even these questions get me.. squeamish.  I know that just plodding along with no view to a goal can seem.. lacking in direction..  but I am definitely prone to the one-day-at-a-time approach to life.
My husband and I share this disposition so we thought it wouldn't hurt to stretch ourselves and attempt a 'vision statement'... or goals that we wanted our family to have.  Newly married, we came up with the big 3.
3 pillars of our home
3 eggs in our nest... if you'll allow me. :o)

Last year I sewed this door-hanging to remind us of our vision.  I thought it may inspire something helpful or hopeful for your family.... so I'll take you through each section over the next few blogs this week...

Sincerity is the first goal of our home.  We want to be real.  We want to encourage others to be real with us.  That means seeking to provide a place of honesty, acceptance, understanding, grace, laughter and tears.  In our marriage.. and as parents.. we're seeking authenticity.  Even in dating - I knew Ben was the one for me since there was no pressure to 'impress' or stress about being someone I wasn't.  Being loved for being you.. is good.  We want to love others with sincerity too.  It's always the best... best compliment when friends say "I don't feel like I have to pretend with you.. I can just be myself".  I think we all crave it.  Especially in a culture so littered with the phony, the plastic, the cheap 'sales-pitch' type of smile... give us something real.  By God's grace.. we're trying to keep it real over here.  

Stay tuned for the second 'egg' in our nest.....
Sincerely yours,
Mel :o)

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