I'll be there.. will you?

The paints been flying. The sewing machine's been whirring.  The pottery's firing.  There's been a whir of activity around Needle and Nest here lately.  Needless to say, I'm gearing up for next weekend's craft show SpringKle.  I'm eager to be there... and hoping to see many of your lovely faces there too.  Here's just a sampling of what I plan to showcase:
  • Fabric silhouette hoops (seen above) - sold out of them at the last show... made more!
  • Painted purses - just a few bird bags for your 'nest eggs'.
  • Bird mobiles
  • Hand-painted baby shirts
  • Breast-feeding aprons
  • Pottery (Neck-Clays, Neck-Lace, Wrist Cuffs, Bird Ornaments)
  • Owl stuffies
  • Fabric Brooches...
... to list a few!  (phew)... I think I'm a little bit bonkers sometimes, but I just keep getting other crafty ideas I want to try.  There will likely be a couple other surprises there too... so we hope to see you there - mark your calendars!
Creatively Crafting Crazily,
Mel :o)

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