confessions [of an artist] part.1

This week's 'confession' post is from the 'artist' part of me.
For those of you curious about the behind-the-scenes view of an artist... this is my confession..(well, here are a few actually):

1. I hate mixing colours.  So I tend to work from pre-existing shades.. often found in my favorite cans of house paint! Eeep... !  This also means I build up lots of layers of acrylic washes to get the colour I'm after.

2. Working on a number of paintings at once is ideal.  why?  So i can run from one painting to another with the same colour... almost like 'paint-by-number' for me here.

3. I am not schooled.trained.degreed.papered.  I never went to art school (tho I once planned to).
I am self-taught. I experiment. mess up. learn. paint again.

4. As a kid - drawing my family.. I always used the green crayon for my dad's beard.  Even then I had an eye for colour.

5. I hate pricing my work.  There's a strange elitism in the art field that if your art is priced ridiculously high - then its 'worth' buying...  I struggle with finding the balance of valuing my work - but still wanting the 'commoner's to have access/afford them! I also wish I could put on price tage "willing to barter" since I love that idea.. but it looks... weird I guess. ;o)

6. I am most inspired by the art of William Turner and Alphonse Mucha.  I wish those guys were still alive, and willing to take me under their wing.  For now I keep them close is wonderful books.

That's probably enough confessing for one session.  Thanks.. I feel better already.

Please go check out my latest (favorite) works starting this week at Parkhill on Hunter!

Creatively confessing yours,
Mel :o)

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