go on... hug a tree.

source: stamp

Gosh.. I almost forgot the post I wanted to share with you today!  So I was in the post office the other day and spotted their newest stamps (seen above) in honour of International Year of the Forest. Needless to say I was in love with these stamps [and not just because it's something other than the 'royal couple' plastered everywhere!]... but the trees... and the spotlight on the mushrooms.. eep!  Seems 'trees' have been the theme of my life.  Growing up, my best bud and I lived up in her tree more than on land.  Walking in the parks, I've always had a special tree I would look for and sketch.  My husband and I had a tree theme for our 'woodland wedding' - as seen above.  Yes, we also planted a tree during our wedding..  so fun!  On our honeymoon road-trip out East we scored two wonderful gnomes ('Roger' seen above) in Quebec.  Now, our daughter gets the woodland theme growing into her room... as seen in my #3 panel of fungi painted for her.  

trees + gnomes + mushrooms
= woodland wonder.

So lets take a moment, go hug a tree, thank it for the air you enjoyed today.

Did you have a favorite tree growing up... or even today?

[leaf me a comment about it.. baha.]
Better yet... go out, buy a stamp.. and mail me some of this eye-candy!

Mel :o)

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