sweet saturday

A lovely day indeed!  My heart and my belly are full and happy.  Ben started with waffles this morning.  We got to go out for a date while lil' Azi went to a petting zoo with the grandparents and 'nap' at their place.  Our date was a fun little road trip out to the Antiques Barn.. (where I scored this sweet lil' bonnet for Azi!)... and then over to Milbrook to grab some yummies at the Pastry Peddler - and a hug from a sweet friend.  This shot above was at a classic (not classy) country diner... where everyone except us knows everyones name.   I love when the dishes don't even match.. and you know you burger is off the bbq in the back. 

On the way back into town we made a quick detour through Value Village... score: big straw hat for summer sun!  Didn't it just turn out to be such a gorgeous Easter day out there too?!  So we grabbed our gal and headed up to Jackson park for some exploring.  

.. my sweet lil' pioneer girl... with such a snotty nose today - I fear a sickness is looming again.

Mom and daughter both in their rubber boots and new hats.  Azriel loved tromping through all the leaves and pine needles... and was non-stop chatter at all the woods around her... and cute puppies there today too.

Last but not least... we went up for family dinner saturdays at Ben's folks.  Another amazing meal and I brought out these Easter treats for dessert.  The recipe you find here... but I changed it up by adding Skor chipits instead of peanut butter, and pretzel sticks instead of Chow Mien noodles. (I just can't stick to a recipe to save my life).

So there it is friends... a full fun saturday had here.  Hoping your weekend is a lovely time for you too!
Mel :o)

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