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Is anyone else confused that I am already 4 months pregnant here?  I sure am.  I tell you, being pregnant with the second child is nothing like your first.  I was so focused on this 'new experience' the first time... watching what I ate, cradling my belly, 'willing' love down through my cells into it's little form.   But this time I tend to even forget I'm pregnant most days - now that life is focused on the 'first one' who's running around outside the womb!
The reminders are starting to show up though, my pants are getting tighter... I still get nausea if I try to wean off the Diclectin... little flutters that I think are kicks (or maybe just gas?!).
Anywho, ready or not - our lives are kicking it up another notch in 6 months!
Avocado mama,
Mel ;o)

*You can follow my baby belly down the produce aisle here.

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  1. Almost every day of my second pregnancy I said "there is nothing like your second"  it's absolutely ridiculous.  I had to try and be mindful as much as possible just so I could take it all in.  It fly's by and drags on all at the same time.  I myself, with my obsession with being pregnant and all, never want it to end, even when it physically hurts to pee or walk, or eat..... *sigh*
    Congrats on your good appointment :)  And by the way, I cannot get enough avocados these days, they are the greatest food on the planet, so baby is extra awesome this week ;)

    <3 suz


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