tour our nest [Living Room] part.1.

 Welcome to the living room edition of our home tour.  I decided to break this up into two posts today, so as to not overwhelm you dear readers with all my pictures and explanations.  
This is our 'entertainment corner' although we don't actually have television (thankfully).. but are able to watch movies.  You'll usually find me tucked in this corner as well, writing this post.. to you!
I've had that awesome vintage orange (motel) chair forever... it's a great punch of colour.

Guess you saw those wild antlers - a rare animal to find for sure.  Actually the original antlers were being torn of a friend's garage, we adopted them, I primed and painted... then Ben and I heaved them up onto the wall of our new house here.. with screws as long as our arm to keep it in place. (I still need to paint the backboard white actually....).

Pictures of family and friends adorn our unit here.  The ivy and cactus even remain green in the face of my utter neglect to water them.  Next, the retro turquoise lampshade was a great addition to a standing lamp I had spray painted orange.

Directly opposite of this corner.. is the other corner couch.  You can see that the stairs head you up to the top floor which we've already toured.  "Flaming June" is the orange print on this wall (though the art changes around here often).  Tinderpuff volunteered to show you how comfy a couch can be.  Lastly, the dark leather ottoman is a great hideaway for all our daughter's toys and books to play with.

Here's the 'sneak peek' at what the next post will reveal.  The before & after shot of our fireplace wall.  I was so excited to have this decorator's challenge when we moved in last year.  I'm really happy with how it turned out.

By the way, our wall colour for this room is Benjamin Moore's "Providence Olive" HC - 98.  One of those yummy.earthy.taupey.olive tones that compliments a wide palette. 

If you're not bored to tears by now, stay tuned for the rest of the tour... later on today.
*Disclaimer: those who fear that showing our home would tempt burglars.creeps.vagabonds.etc... know this: there is nothing of value here for the taking - other than sentimental.  All our 'stuff' is thrifted.free.found.cheap....  now you know!*

See you again soon,
Mel :o)


  1. I love your paint job on the antlers! It's so fun. 

  2. OMG!
    I can't tell you how much I love those antlers!  I found a mounted piece of driftwood at VV last week and I wanted to paint it and use it as a jewelry display, but now I know I need to do as you've done!  So great!
    I am pretty sure I have that dress...


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