I want to remember... or forget:

Azriel, my two and a half year old + wild wonder.
There's so much I want to remember about her at this stage:

How she nuzzles in to me in the morning, staring up at me with her big blue eyes, and I say "I love you"... and she whispers back "I love you too". 

The way her cheeks look rosy and flushed after her nap time.

Her daily greeting to Hudson: "Hi fat buddy, g'morning sweetheart!"

How she loves to help me bake muffins, or stir our tea.

The way she dances. squeals and shrieks to see our relatives and friends coming up the driveway.

The precise way in which she holds a pen and draws tiny intricate designs.

There's also the things I'd like to forget:

The daily melt-downs over any little thing that disturbs her calm.

The stealthy-ninja way she sneaks back out of bed every time we say 'goodnight'.

How every meal is 'torture' to her... crying out "please may.I.be all done" after one bite.
While begging us the rest of the day for 'rice cakes. marshmallows. or smovies (smoothies)'.

That she still hates the potty, though the tell-tale 'toot' has at least given us success in catching some poops in the pot.  Generally though, she sits there and moans "its too hard for meeee".

Then there's Hudson, our almost three month old + chunk of cuteness.
There's so much I want to remember with him too: 

How he's my koala baby.. cuddling into my neck (all 18lbs of warmth).

His cashmere skin, and peach fuzz head.

His subtle cologne of warm cheese

That manly triple chin.

The adorable dimple in one cheek.

His rascally flirtatious grin. 

Only a few things I'd like to forget:

Every evening is cranky fest.

Daily 'goopy' eye.. ick.

Burping up as much as he drinks.

I think it will be a sentimental, misty eyed moment when I look back at this post.
When I realize afresh how fast it all goes.
How quick they all grows... 

So much I want to remember,
so little I want to forget.

Yesterday's tomorrow is where I need to be.
Savoring these fleeting moments wrapped in the present.

Mindful mama,
Mel ;o)


  1. Andrea Mcardle10 May 2012 at 18:00

    I LOVE THIS! I need to start making these sweet little lists too! My Redding is almost 4 moths old and it's amazing how quickly things change!
    (I'm glad to see your little man might actually be bigger than mine- You should be SO proud! big babies are the best!)

  2.  hey thanks Andrea! Redding is such a cool name...where's it from?  Yah, Hud is a BIG boy... but that just means MORE to love! :o)

  3. So sweet! All of these little incredible moments do pass by so quickly! Wonderful thoughts and memories!


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