thank.God.its.friday... (a love note)

My dear Ben,

Did you know that you're my favourite sight each day?
That when your car pulls into the driveway, I breathe a sigh of relief.

Friday is my favourite.
This is when we get to have you home for the weekend.

No more leaving in the darkness to work your buns off at the bakery.
Baking bread and making 'dough' for your family.

Weekends we get to actually share a breakfast together.
(I love your Saturday waffles... and so does Azi: "with syrrrruup!").

I love that despite our differences:

you like salty. i like sweet.
you wake early. i stay up late.
you're a pessimist realist. i'm an optimist.
you're a minimalist. i like hoarding collecting.
you like documentaries. i like action movies.
you read. i craft.

...yes, despite our silly differences we 'get' each other.

I love the way you love me.
How you come home exhausted but jump right in to helping around here.
If I have that wearied look, and call Azriel "your daughter"... you offer to take her out to the bookstore.
How 5 times out of 7... you'll be making dinner while I tend to Hudson.

Yes, you're a keeper.
This love has a "no exit" sign too.

And even when the kids make us feel more like room.mates than romantics.
Or it feels like we're running parallel.. going the same direction, but not intersecting.
And that we just want a minute together in quiet... but then we're too tired to say much.

Despite all these crazy moments we've been stretched in:
My heart now loves you deeper. wider. longer.

So, I thank God it's friday.
I'm thanking Him for you.

Your Meli. ;o)


  1. Beautifully written.  He is so a keeper... we are very lucky ladies indeed (my hubby is also a great fella).  You may say that sometimes you feel like room mates (so true), but I can hear so much love flowing our of your post... buckets of love.  Happy Friday.

  2.  aw, thank you Danielle, glad you got a 'keeper' there too!  It's a happy weekend indeed - see that sun finally came out?!  Enjoy! xo

  3. Lovely! Enjoy your weekend together! ♥ 

  4.  thanks!... we are! ;o)  Hope yours is great too!!

  5.  aww Vee, 'sorry' hehe.  You're a sweetie. xo


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