D.I.Y: framed cork board

Since we're all addicted to 'pinning' things online... how abouts we make a pin board for our real world?!
Today's edition is yet another super fast.stupid easy do.it.yourself project.
A framed cork board. 

 Supplies Needed:
cork tiles (dollar stores often carry them)
foam core/or cardboard backing
frame of your choice/size

1. I painted my wood frame turquoise (Azriel wanted to help too).
I didn't prime it first because I wanted to scuff it with sandpaper after for that delightful 'aged' look.

2. Cut your cork tiles to fit snugly inside your frame. 
If you need to glue it to the foam core backing use a spray adhesive. 

3.  You may need to staple gun or nail the frame at the back to keep the cork tiles in place... but if you wedge the boards in snug it should just hold secure.

Voila!  That fast, that easy.
(I, of course, have to slap a doily onto everything I can).

You could get pretty creative with the type of frames you choose... since the cork tiles could fit into any shape frame you find.

You can use it as a bulletin board, memos & picture holder... or even hang your jewellery.
I think I'll be using mine to display my handmade pretties at future craft shows.

Happy crafting friends!
Mel ;o)


  1. Nicky Rothmann23 May 2012 at 03:00

    love the doily!

  2.  thanks Nicky... please tell me you've gotten yours in the mail by now?! ;o)


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