thrifty & nifty threads: upcycled fashion. 2.

 Y'ello friends, here's the second edition of my new blog feature: taking something old and sewing it into something new.
Let's get lacy!

 So, I'll admit I thrifted these banana-yellow-Grandma-shorts solely to wear under that lace skirt I made in the past.  But now with summer approaching, I wanted to make them more 'frilly' than frumpy.
I cut off the bottom 2" hem, then stitched some eyelet lace around instead.

(Confession: you know the golden sewing rule of keeping "right sides facing in"?
In my rush I totally did it backwards and had the hem on the outside.. gargh!!  The trusty seam-ripper is a faithful companion at my sewing desk...).

Now normally I try to steer clear of trendy styles... but this lacy version of a Peter Pan collar just couldn't be ignored while thrifting ($1.99... thank you).

I think I'll call this outfit my 'banana sundae, with a blueberry on top' look. 
And lately I've really enjoyed throwing a pop of colour into my dark wardrobe by the use of bright tights.  I'm also saving the world from going blind at the sight of my glowing white legs (just envision a less pretty version of the elves in Lord of the Rings).
I've got my eye on a few other outfits in need of some lace,
or doily loving from my closet... stay tuned!

Thrifty mama,
Mel ;o)


  1. Love this look! Those little yellow frilly shorts are too cute! Now I want to get lacy!

  2.  haha. thanks Andrea - hope you have a lacy, mushroom making, happy family Mother's day weekend!! ;o)  We're heading out for a fun one! xo

  3. Excuse me?? Those shorts are TOO freaking cute. I would like to be as crafty as you, please and thank you.

  4.  heee, thank Carly!  Since you have such good manners... I will wave my artsy wand and bestow upon you the creative magic dust... now, GO... get crafty! ;o) xo

  5. I love the lace! The peter pan collar is lovely!

  6.  Thanks! I know, lace.. doilies.. they're just too addictive for me (which is such a hilarious irony in growing up as a tom-boy and 'hurling' at the thought of such girlishness ...ha!).  Thanks for popping by the nest here Crissy! ;o)


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